Assessment of dependency and circumstances to determine placement options that meet each individuals goal towards recovery. 

Recovery Case Management:

An ally that facilitates communication between a client, his or her family members, service providers, and clinical professionals. 

Recovery Coaching:

Assistance, support and guidance to aid clients in their desire to get and stay sober. 

Sober Companion:

24-hour, one-on-one support and guidance. 

Sober Transport:

Safe and sober transportation which includes transportation to (a) therapeutic appointments; (b) detox, residential and/or outpatient facilities; and (c) NA or AA meetings.​​ 

Our Experience


With over 12 years of experience, Peace Of Mine has made its mission to support and guide individuals and their families through drug addiction and alcoholism. Peace Of Mine assists and guides those who are in the process of making healthy and positive changes in their lives.

Our team's wide range of experience includes addiction counseling, sober companionship, sober coaching, intervention and therapeutic containment skills, management of transitional living, fitness training, and nutrition guidance. 

Our passion and main focus is supporting and guiding individuals in the process of recovery, and developing a conscious healthy lifestyle.